Username Nexdron
Role Servant
Game Summary
Gameshows Atua's Temple 2

Atua's Challenge

Money Won $0
Social Media
Youtube N/A
Twitter N/A
Instagram N/A


Residence: New York

Known for: N/A

Three adjectives that describe you: Childish, Competitive, Determined

Favorite activities: Listening to music, playing a block game, talking to people, reading.

Pet peeves: Arrogance.

Is your gameplay more heroic or more villainous? Why?: Heroic because I’ll save my teammates with a random arrow shot at times.

My life's motto is: Prove the label wrong.

Fun facts:

  • I’m a technical person
  • I play basketball
  • My favorite part of Minecraft is archery with all of the precise, hard to make shots.